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  • 02 Oct 2023 6:13 PM | Anonymous

    The last race of the year was a great weekend! Thanks to the Russ and Dina at R Bar B for having us.

    Congratulations to all the division winners:

    Buckaroo: Brooklyn Baldwin

    Youth: Paityn Blunk

    Novice: Lari Mertel

    Classic: Tim Yoho on Saturday, Jim Ochs on Sunday

    Colt: Chad Blunk on Saturday, Jen Peterson on Sunday

    Intermediate: Shannon Washam on Saturday, Amy Campbell on Sunday

    Limited Open: Jennifer Wendt on Saturday, Lee Chapman on Sunday

    Open: Runt Rageth

  • 24 Jul 2023 5:08 PM | Anonymous

    A huge thanks to the Redden and Jones families for such an amazing race weekend.

    Results and year end points have been updated on the website.


    to all our division winners:

    Buckaroo- Saturday and Sunday- Brooklyn Baldwin

    Youth- Saturday and Sunday- Paityn Blunk

    Novice- Saturday- Fred Moore, Sunday- Toni Loges

    Classic- Saturday- Jim Ochs, Sunday- Karen Huey

    Colt- Saturday and Sunday- Chad Blunk

    Intermediate- Saturday and Sunday- Shannon Washam

    Limited Open- Saturday- Angie Jones, Sunday- James Huey

    Open- Saturday- Chad Blunk, Sunday- Jim Ochs

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  • 22 Jun 2023 11:02 AM | Anonymous

    We apologize for the late post. R Bar B results and year end points have all been posted to the website.

    Thanks and we look forward to seeing everyone in July at Maryville!

  • 07 May 2023 3:31 PM | Anonymous

    Black Clover Ranch, Heidi and Jason Stufflebean, put on an amazing race yesterday. True cowboy outdoor courses. A huge thank you to them for all the work and great food.
    Congratulations to all our division winners:
    Buckaroo- Brooklyn Baldwin
    Youth- Tuff Jones
    Novice- Cynthia Simon
    Classic- Jim Ochs
    Intermediate- Amy Campbell
    Limited Open- Jason Miles
    Colt- Chad Blunk
    Open- Lee Chapman

  • 17 Apr 2023 6:57 PM | Anonymous

    Thank you to Dusty LaBeth and his team at Cross Creek in Louisburg, KS for a great first race of the 2023 season.

    Congratulations to all of the division winners:

    Buckaroo- Brooklyn Baldwin

    Youth- Paityn Blunk

    Novice- Lari Mertel

    Classic- Jim Ochs

    Colt- Annie Chance

    Intermediate- Jeff Smith

    Limited Open- Christi Bennett

    Open- Chad Blunk

  • 05 Feb 2023 5:34 PM | Anonymous

    2023 February President's Letter

    UHCA Friends and Family-  

    Thanks for another great race year!! 2022 brought us increased membership and race entries!  

    I believe 2023 will continue to grow better and stronger than last year. We’re off to a great start!!  

    Our 2022 year-end banquet had a good turn out with many donations for the silent and live auction. Thanks to our members and sponsors for all your support to make the year end banquet fun and profitable for the UHCA!! Thanks to Lee Chapman for donating the 2022 Novice Champion saddle. Congratulations to all our riders for an awesome year!!  

    2022 UHCA Year-End Awards: 

    Buckaroo- Brooklyn Baldwin 

    Youth- Paityn Blunk, Tuff Jones, Paityn Blunk, Bailey Jones 

    Novice- Shannon Washam, Beth Sandness, Teresa Duffek, John Duarte, Lari Martel, Traci Cooper, Barb Smith 

    Classic- Jim Ochs, Judy Coffel, Helen Alewine, Beryl Johnson, Frank Twitty 

    Colt- Jen Peterson, Tim Yoho, Jeff Smith 

    Level 1- Helen Alewine, Jason Miles, Amy Campbell, Kim Washam, Beryl Johnson, Melanie Dolechek, Karen Rabe, John Duarte  

    Level 2- Chad Blunk, Josh Sandness, Judy Coffel, Lee Chapman, Judy Coffel, Melanie Dolechek, Frank Twitty, Jeff Smith, Lee Chapman 

    Level 3- Jim Ochs, Angie Jones, Chris Redden 

    A big thanks to Past-President Angie Jones for all your hard work and service to UHCA and its membership. Thank you to Chris Redden for taking on the role of President-Elect. Thankyou, Board of Directors: Treasurer- Amy Campbell; Secretary- Karen Rabe; Directors-Chad Blunk, Chris Elbe, Tim Yoho and Jen Peterson; and Membership Director (ex-officio)- Beth Sandness.  

    Congratulations to all our UHCA riders that competed at the 2022 EXCA World Championships at Glen Rose TX in November. Overall, we had 17 riders qualify for the Top 10 short go, with 3 World Champions and 3 Reserve Champions. We had 2 riders invited to the Calgary Stampede and one Hall of Fame Horse inductee. WOW!! UHCA continues to show up and show out!! I am so proud to be a part of such an awesome group of people... who also ride extremely well! 

    Listed below are the outstanding individual accomplishments:  

    Young Guns:  

    7th place Brooklyn Baldwin 


    Reserve World Champion- Angeline Salicetti

    3rd place- Madison Branham 

    4th place- Colton “Tuff” Jones 

    9th place- Paityn Blunk (Not Henry)  

    11th place- Paityn Blunk (Eldon)  

    12th place- Bailey Jones 

    13th place- Faith Kuestersteffen 


    8th place- Shannon Washam 

    10th place- Karen Rabe 

    World Champion 1st Year Novice- Shannon Washam 


    World Champion- Frank Twitty 

    16th place- Kim Washam 

    24th place- Beryl Johnson 

    25th place- Amy Campbell 


    4th place- Josh Sandness 

    7th place- Jim Ochs 

    10th place- Angie Jones 

    17th place- Chris Elbe 


    3rd place- Josh Sandness 

    7th place- Chad Blunk 

    16th place- Jim Ochs 

    18th place- Cindy Branham 

    22nd place- Chris Elbe 


    Reserve World Champion- Tim Yoho 

    8th place- Angeline Salicetti 

    Ride Smart:  

    3rd place- Jim Ochs 

    5th place- Frank Twitty 

    Ride Smarter Over 70:  

    World Champion- Jim Ochs 

    Reserve World Champion- Frank Twitty 

    2023 Cowboy Up Challenge at Calgary Stampede invitees:  

    Josh Sandness & Jim Ochs 

    EXCA Hall of Fame Horse: 

    Sampson- owned and ridden by Angeline Salicetti 

    UHCA is in great shape and I’m proud to be involved with a wonderful group of people! 


    Your friend and President,  

    Kim Washam  Phone: 816-383-0159 

    2023 Rule Changes: 

    The UHCA Board works continuously to improve the organization while listening to the needs of our members. With that in mind, we want everyone to know the rule changes and important announcements for the 2023 season.   

    1. The UHCA expects you to ride up to your individual skill level. The UHCA board reserves the right, at its discretion, to require a rider to move up to a more advanced division. Any year end points earned in that division will then be forfeited for that horse-rider team for the current season. Professional trainers must ride in the open division or colt division.  

    1. Payback is required for all divisions. Payback will be a minimum of 50% of all entry fees in each division. 

    1. The Level division names have changed: Level 1= Intermediate, Level 2=Limited Open, Level 3= Open. We will all still ride together like before.  

    1. Modification of the coaching rule has been changed to “assisting within reason”. Example: helpful direction to rider who is lost on course.   

    1. If a rider is disqualified at a race, they will be given 0 points for the race, but it will count as 1 of the 5 required races for year-end eligibility.  

    1. Judges shall not judge any family members and should not judge any long-term clients.  


    UHCA is excited to be at EquiFestof Kansas this year. Our sponsor, R Bar B, proposed having extreme cowboy racing at EquiFest and UHCA was invited!! Dates are Thursday March 16- Sunday March 19. We will have a booth all week to promote our association and we’ll do mock races on Sunday. Special guest judges: Lee Hart and Russ Brown. 

    We have 2 saddles to win in 2023! Open division saddle donated by Lee Chapman. Novice division saddle donated by Shannon and Kim Washam. We also have a race series this year, sponsored by Redden Ranch- the R4 Jacket Series!! We’re so excited for this great new opportunity. Thank you all for making this happen for our current and future members.  

  • 01 Feb 2023 9:22 AM | Anonymous

    Events for 2023!

    April 16- Cross Creek, Louisburg, KS

    May 6- Black Clover Ranch, Easton, MO

    June 10- R Bar B, Topeka, KS

    June 11- R Bar B, Topeka, KS

    July 22- Mid Central Horsemen, Maryville, MO

    July 23- Mid Central Horsemen, Maryville, MO

    September 30- R Bar B, Topeka, KS

    October 1- R Bar B, Topeka, KS

  • 18 Sep 2022 9:54 AM | Anonymous

    A huge thank you to Jennifer Clark and her team for an amazing race yesterday in Girard, KS. What a great race to finish out the 2022 season.

    Results have been posted to the website.

    Congratulations to all division winners:

    Classic- Helen Alewine

    Novice- Crystal Zimmerman

    Colt- Jen Peterson

    Level 1- Helen Alewine

    Level 2- Helen Alewine

    Level 3- Helen Alewine

  • 21 Aug 2022 6:54 PM | Anonymous

    What a great weekend in Tecumseh at the home of Ryan and Cindy Branham and home to RC Mustang Redemptions. A big thank you to them and their crew for a great race.

    Results and year end points have been updated on the website.

    Congratulations to all our division winners:

    Saturday division winner:

    Buckaroo- Brooklyn Baldwin

    Youth- Paityn Blunk

    Novice- Shannon Washam

    Classic- Jim Ochs

    Colt- Jen Peterson

    Level 1- Beryl Johnson

    Level 2- Chad Blunk

    Level 3- Jim Ochs

    Sunday division winners:

    Saturday division winner:

    Buckaroo- Brooklyn Baldwin

    Youth- Madison Branham

    Novice- Teresa Duffek

    Classic- Judy Coffel

    Colt- Jen Peterson

    Level 1-Jason Miles

    Level 2- Chad Blunk

    Level 3- Jim Ochs

  • 27 Jun 2022 7:54 PM | Anonymous

    What a great weekend at R Bar B! Thanks to Russ and Dina Brown along with their whole foamily for putting on such a great race and helping with the sorting benefit.

    Congratulations to all our division winners.

    Results are now posted to the website.

    Saturday Division Winners:

    Buckaroo- Brooklyn Baldwin

    Youth- Paityn Blunk

    Novice-Lari Martel

    Classic- Judy Coffel

    Colt- Jen Peterson

    Level 1- Jason Miles

    Level 2-Judy Coffel

    Level 3- Jim OChs

    Sunday Division Winners:

    Buckaroo- Abbigale Capes

    Youth- Paityn Blunk

    Novice- John Duarte

    Classic- Jim Ochs

    Colt- Tim Yoho

    Level 1- Amy Campbell

    Level 2- Judy Coffel

    Level 3- Angie Jones

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