For the 2018 season, McCracken Saddles & Tack is giving away a custom Classic Equine ColdSaver Cooler for the horse/rider team in the Colt Division attaining the Highest Cumulative HORSEMANSHIP Points from that team’s best 5 races of the season. Only the horsemanship scores from each of the two judges at a race will be added together for an event total.

The owners of McCracken Saddles and Tack, Jake and Laura McCracken, are sponsoring this award because they feel that horsemanship is a very important aspect in training horses. In their opinion, the UHCA Colt Division, is one of the most diverse and challenging competitions to train for and demonstrate a horseman’s skills. Great horses come from great horsemanship and this starts when they are colts.

The horse/rider team must compete in the Colt Division in a minimum of five UHCA sanctioned events to be eligible for this award. In the event of a tie; the UHCA rules listed in the 2018 Handbook will be used to determine a winner. Any UHCA member riding in the Colt Division during the 2018 season is eligible to compete for the award; there is not an additional nomination fee to win. Use your best horsemanship skills and you could take home a custom cooler at the end of the year.

2018 AWARD

Custom Classic Equine ColdSaver 54 QT Cooler made by Ritchie Waterers.


2017: Runt Rageth | McCracken Saddle

2016:  Joshua Rushing | McCracken Saddle

2015: Joshua Rushing | McCracken Saddle

2014: Joshua Rushing | McCracken Saddle

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