UHCA welcomes riders of all levels, providing eight challenge divisions allowing riders to compete against others riding at a similar level. UHCA Events, fun for the entire family, are a great way to have fun while improving your horsemanship and communication. By competing at and preparing for UHCA Events, the results will be increased responsiveness, acceptance, and trust. You’ll be developing a willing partner while competing for cash, prizes, year-end awards, and of course, bragging rights!

UHCA Events challenge both horse and rider to maneuver through a series of obstacles, while demonstrating skill, finesse, horsemanship and speed. A score is given for each obstacle on the course and riders are judged on overall horsemanship. UHCA races are timed events, however time accounts for less than 10% of available points.

All breeds of horses and mules are welcome. The best scores are earned by negotiating each obstacle with accuracy and speed; truly demonstrating a level of trust and partnership with your mount.


Upcoming events

Colt Division Horsemanship Award

For the 2018 Season, McCracken Saddle and Tack is sponsoring a high-point horsemanship award for the Colt Division. The award will be given to the horse/rider team attaining the highest cumulative HORSEMANSHIP points from that teams best 5 races of the season. Only the horsemanship scores from each of the two judges at a race will be added together for an event total. The horse/rider team must compete in the Colt Division in a minimum of five UHCA sanctioned events to be eligible for this award. The 2018 Award will be a custom cooler. Learn more...

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